"Highly recommend" (read more)

"Elizabeth is a very reliable, trusting professional that dedicated a lot of her time and efforts to work hard on my case. I highly recommend Elizabeth because of her understanding of the law and commitment to her clients."

Former client

"Skilled negotiator" (read more)

"Lisa is a skilled negotiator who understands her client's issues and works diligently to achieve positive results. She is an expert in employment law and understands its application in both for-profit and not-for-profit corporations. She is an advocate and support to her clients. I highly recommend Lisa as an attorney for anyone who needs a competent litigator in employment matters. "

Former client

"Exceptional and caring" (read more)

"After an exhaustive search, I found and hired Loring Law to represent me ... I am pleased to highly recommend Elizabeth Loring for future work. Not only was Elizabeth’s work exceptional, but also her quick response time helped me attain the outcome I desired. She was able to cut through the attacks, quickly read the situation, and factually respond with professionalism and insight. Elizabeth has an authentic caring heart coupled with a breath of knowledge, making her a perfect fit. The way she listened and organized the problem cut down my stress and gave me hope. She doesn’t bend on her principals. She will stand up for truth and fight for you. I don’t think you can find that niche easily. I would not hesitate for a moment to hire Elizabeth Loring. I feel lucky to have found her. I am confident she will perform to your satisfaction."

Former client

"A consummate advocate" (read more)

"Ms. Loring is responsive to our needs, sensitive to all confidential and sensitive matters and is a consummate advocate for our rights. We highly recommend her."

Former client

"Willingness to listen - a great resource" (read more)

"I would first like to thank Elizabeth (Lisa) for outstanding work with the members of the CFT. Lisa has proven to be a great resource for our members during very difficult times. Her willingness to listen, ability to research and interpretation of the appropriate laws was invaluable! I would highly recommend her and hope to work with her again in the future! "

Union Representative

"Always thinks big picture" (read more)

"I have engaged Lisa on several legal fronts. She is fantastic to work with and she always thinks "big picture" to ensure her clients are well protected and well represented. In my opinion, an attorney that delivers a partnership is what is most critical. That means protecting the best interests of the client yet also considering the client's point of view when offered. Lisa does just that, which is why she is one of the best in her profession. Anyone needing legal representation could do no wrong by working with Lisa."

Former client

The Tuck Firm, LLC (formerly the Loring Law Office) and Elizabeth Tuck (formerly Loring) strive to achieve the best results for clients in and out of the courtroom. Litigation is often not necessary, but when it is, Elizabeth represents her clients strategically and with professionalism, compassion, and tenacity.